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Ta Fête - Stromae

This is an as-literal-as-possible translation of Stromae's "Ta Fête", from French to English. I vertically aligned the french and english words, whenever possible.

I must say that the French "faire ta fête" has two meaning:

  1. Make, throw a party, have a fun
  2. Someone bitting you up (making a party out of you...)

Il est l'heure, fini     l'heure     de danser
It's time,      finished is the time to dance 

Danse, t'inquiète pas          tu  vas  danser
Dance, don't worry (yourself), you will dance
Balance-toi,    mais tu vas te faire      balancer
Swing yourself, but you'll  make yourself "loose balance"

Défonce-toi, mais tu vas te faire       défoncer
Get high,    but  you'll get (yourself) fucked up

Tu  aimerais      faire      ta   fête
You would like to throw/make your party

Ta mère     veut  te la faire          aussi, ta   fête
Your mother wants to "throw" it to you too,   your party

Le  juge  voudrait      te faire          ta fête
The judge would like to "throw" (to) you, your party

Tout le monde te fera                  aussi ta   fête
Everybody     will "throw" (it to) you also, your party

Tu sors trop, du moins c'est ce qu'ils disent
You go out too much, at least that's what  they say
Ils parlent trop, c'est pourquoi tes oreilles sifflent They talk too much, that's why your ears ring À qui la faute? C'est la faute à autrui, hein? Who's the fault of? Is the fault of someone else, eh? C'est les autres, toi tu n'as qu'une seule envie It's others' (fault), you, you have but a sole desire

Happy interpretations!

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